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4" x 2" Metal Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel  - 600 lb. Capacity

4" x 2" Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel - 600 lb. Capacity


Cast Iron V-Track Wheel - Low cost, heavy duty. This Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel is made specifically for rolling on inverted angle iron tracks. However v-groove wheels can also be used off the tracks on flat surfaces.

Ideal for:

  • Production line or other industrial environments
  • Hand or conveyor trucks
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Sliding gates or rolling doors
  • Towing, rolling, moving heavy equipment or objects on v-tracks


  • Extremely solid, heavy duty, well made
  • Large wheel diameter for low rolling resistance
  • Great price/Economical

    This 4" x 2"  Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel is offers a strong, resilient, cost effective solution for heavy loads. The hard tread rolls easily and allows high abrasion resistance; the smooth face allows for symmetrical ride. 

    V-groove caster wheels are designed to guide equipment by rolling on inverted angle iron track. Elevated track minimizes problems caused by floor debris. The relief groove at the base of the "V" equalizes the load on each face of the angle. When not operating on track, the considerable wheel tread on each side of the V-groove allows for use on smooth floors. 

    • Tensile strength of 30,000 PSI
    • Temperature range: -45o F to 600o F (Temperature rating comes from lesser of either the wheel or bearing max temp. For example, if the wheel is rated for 600 F and the bearings at 800 F, the temp range would be 600F)

    Part Number: J-LVG420

    Technical Specs

    Metric Specs Metric Specs
    Max Capacity 600 lb. Wheel Color Black
    Wheel Diameter 4" Hub length 2-3/16"
    Wheel Width 2" Bearing Roller Bearing
    Groove Width 7/8" Bore 1-3/16"
    Wheel Material Cast Iron

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