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The Difference Between U-Groove and V-Groove Wheels

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Difference of V-groove Wheels to U-Groove WheelsIt can be exhausting and incredibly tiring to move heavy industrial machinery and equipment across the floor, without any wheels (to some extent even impossible). Caster wheels are the perfect solution to your problems. With their high strength and sturdiness, these wheels produce lesser friction as compared to other wheels, making it easier to move items that are fairly heavy.

Are you looking to move/roll heavy equipment? Have you looked into what casters may enable you to do so? If you, you might be stuck between u-groove and v-groove? Take a look at the differences below:


U-Groove Wheels

U-groove wheels, also known as pipe wheels, are similar to v-groove wheels, but boast a
buy metal U-grove Wheel pipe wheel more rounded shape. These wheels have a “U” shaped groove on the outside diameter. They have a secure mounting and come in different materials such as cast iron u-groove wheels or long-lasting lustrous zinc finish u-groove wheels; with each of the materials providing different advantages. These wheels are precision machined from high-quality cold rolled steel, boast long life sealed bearings, and have a load capacity of up to 6,000 lbs.


U-Groove casters can be used in a variety of applications. Most commonly used in manufacturing plants to raise workloads off floors and roll on pipes, hence the name pipe wheels. U-groove wheels are also commonly found on doors and gates as rollers. These wheels are available in many sizes and can fit nearly any commercial use or industrial application, specifically those related to round iron bars or pipe rails.


U-Groove wheels are available in a range of materials, which include ductile steel, semi steel, cast iron, polyurethane on aluminum, or steel. You can choose from different bearing options and various styles of brakes for your convenience.


V-Groove Wheels

v-groove wheel on inverted angle tracksV-groove wheels have a flat, radius appearance. These wheels have a “V” shaped
groove on the outside diameter and are designed for guiding equipment by rolling on inverted angle iron tracks. Depending on the application, they can be used individually or as a complete caster.


V-Groove wheels, just like u-groove wheels, are commonly used in industrial environments such as production lines and manufacturing facilities and can be used for example for rolling ovens, ventilation equipment, and sawmills on tracks or bars. They can even be used in sliding/rolling gates and heavy-duty assembly line plants where high temperature soldering and welding is done.


metal v-groove wheel buyV-Groove casters are made from all kind of materials, depending their intended use cases including cast iron, nylon, ductile steel, or forged steel, poly-urethane, machine steel, glass-filled nylon, metal, gray iron and stainless steel counterparts.

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