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How to Turn Almost any Wheel Into a Caster

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I just came across this fabulous article from Pneumatic Addict. (it is a bit older, from 2014 but felt it was worth sharing)

It is a terrific write up for you home DIY-ers on how to build your own vintage looking caster-coffee table. Find out a step by step guide How to Turn Almost any Wheel Into a Caster

The article outlines beautifully how we can cost effectively and easily create our own vintage looking furniture with industrial supply items. 

vintage wheel for DIY home furniture project - caster wheels On a personal note, it always surprises me how much people pay for vintage looking furniture items or home decoration pieces when you can make them yourself so much more economical and better looking not to mention the pride you feel finishing your DIY project). I made my husband pick up so much "trash" from the street that people leave out which now look like a $200 items on our wall or in our living room. Another suggestion I could offer is calling supply stores who might have scrape they which they can't sell such a damaged products and which hey can offer for a discount or even for free. Caster wheel supply stores like in that example might have banged up units laying around that because of their flaws would look even better than new ones :) 

Good luck to all the Home Furniture DIY-ers.


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