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3 Things You Should Know When Choosing Your Metal Track Wheels and Casters

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Looking for perfect metal track wheels and casters for sliding gates and barn doors? Want to navigate your heavy equipment with ease and comfort on rails or metal v-tracks? Want to work on DIY projects at home such as creating vintage furniture out of rustic metal track wheels?

Look no further! You have landed at the right place. Here are a couple thoughts that can help you choose the most suitable v-groove wheel casters per your specific needs. With a wide selection of sturdy, long lasting metal track wheels and caster wheels, any shop floor or DIY project can be achieved.

To quickly go over what has to offer – We make it incredibly easy through faceted search filters to quickly find your iron, ductile steel, ductile steel v-groove wheels and casters. This gear is ideal for sliding gates, large rolling doors, or for heavy industrial equipment. With full capacity and durability, these extremely solid v-groove casters give urban and industrial feel. For rolling on a metal tracks, these rugged casters have a v-shaped groove that grip the track firmly to roll smoothly and stable. When off the track, the flat area of the tread allows rolling on smooth surfaces.Metal Track Wheels - durable for heavy load vgroove wheels for metal tracks

We also understand it can feel like information overload when trying to select the right metal track wheels or casters. To determine what type of V-groove caster is right for you, you most importantly should pay attention to:

  1. The overall height between track/ground and equipment that needs to be supported
  2. How much load will need to be carried by the metal track wheels
  3. In what environment (inside or outside) will the caster/wheel will operate in


For instance, Nylon v-track wheels are rust free and can be used in wet environments and zinc plated forged metal track wheels are rust resistant. The type of material will also drive how much load each wheel can carry; with ductile and forged steel supporting the heaviest loads and are most durable.

If you’re interested to build sliding doors, a small trolley, or need to install a light-weight barn gate, solid v-grooved and metal track wheels are just perfect. Ideal for other light-weight tools like your coffee table, they roll smoothly and last for years.

Forged Metal Track Wheel Caster from GroovedWheels.comFor heavy loads and industrial equipment, cast-iron and metal v-groove track wheels and casters offer the best value for intended purpose. These strong and long lasting wheels can be used on a variety of floor surfaces from finished concrete to those rough floors having oil, grease or metal debris. Avoid using them on finished hard wood floors, ceramic tile, and vinyl tile though.

Let us know your required load capacity, wheel diameter, width, overall height, groove width, material, color and type, and get our tailored wheels and casters per your customized needs.

If you need to change an old caster, order the one having the same overall height. Make sure that attaching plate should have the same dimensions and bolt pattern. Pick out the right rig and correct bearings, and never compromise on quality of the material.

If you have any questions about metal track wheels and casters, call us at 800-262-2807 or email us at



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